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DNS Neutrality

No corporation should be able to say what websites are or aren’t available to us. By using our volunteer-provided DNS servers you no longer have to question your ISPs motives, and can rest assured that your connection to the Internet is not being censored by your DNS servers.

No Cost

We are a non profit organization and do not charge money for access to our DNS services, including the proposal/request of new TLDs. Free to use, and completely operated by volunteers, so there’s no financial pressure to corrupt our organization. New volunteers welcome!

Stop DNS Hijacking

Have you ever typed a wrong URL into your browser only to be met with an ISP-owned search page? The domain you tried to visit, ads you click, and the searches you do can all be collected by your ISP for any number of nefarious purposes. You can stop this behavior with DistDNS servers, which lets DNS work the way it was meant to: in your control.

New Top-Level Domains!

DistDNS's TLDs grant you access to a whole new space on the web. These domains can only be accessed using our distributed & liberated nameservers. Once you're in, click a button below to register your free domain!

Anybody with the right experience can apply to run their own TLD on our network! Learn More.

Peered Networks

We are peered with many different alternative DNS roots to give you easy access to a multitude of different namespaces, all from one server.


Providing resolution to any .bit domain on the Namecoin blockchain through all of our Tier 2 resolvers.
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We've partnered with Telechain to bring you access to the .moon, .lambo, .freedom, and .dpay TLDs.
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New Nations

New Nations' TLDs provide namespaces for emerging countries, accessible anywhere via DistDNS.
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New Decentralized Governments

Providing resolution to any .dgov domain through all of our Tier 2 resolvers.
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Everything is accessible through our global network of dDNS resolvers. If you operate an alternative dDNS root, get in touch!


We provide all this completely free of charge! Please, if you are able, consider running a Tier 2 server or make a donation:

BTS: distdns
EOS: distdns
RSN: distdns
BEX: distdns

We appreciate any and all donations, no matter the size!